Laura vs. Aliza / First Round / Shadow

Aliza Razell chose SHADOW as the topic for the first round of the battle with Laura Zalenga. Who is your favorite? Vote below the pictures.

Laura’s photos:




Aliza’s photos:




Poll: Laura wins – 2 points for Laura.

Katja (jury): Laura’s series is very clever. You have to look several times to understand it. The play with the shadows is very nice: They look like mythical creatures. Aliza’s series is beautiful and wonderfully emotional. But I have seen photos of women in nature with shadows of plants on their faces so many times. – 2 points for Laura

Timo (jury): In this battle I really like both series. Aliza’s photos are beautiful. They also leave space for interpretation: Could the shadows symbolize scars for example? But for me, there is a little bit of creativity missing in this series. Laura’s idea is just great. And even without the changes I would like the pictures a lot: The first shadow looks pretty normal, the second like small wings and the third like a fantasy creature – it’s a transformation from normal to something monstrous. – 2 points for Laura.

–> First round: Aliza 0:6 Laura

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