Laura vs. Aliza / Second Round / Two

Laura Zalenga chose TWO as the topic for the second round of the battle with Aliza Razell. Who is your favorite? Vote below the pictures. And see their first round here.

Aliza’s photos:




Laura’s photos:




Poll: Aliza wins. – 2 points for Aliza

Katja (jury): Unfortunately I do not understand Aliza’s series. I’m also not convinced by the quality. Laura’s photos remind me of Faust: “Two souls alas, are dwelling in my breast”. But the pictures are a bit too sweet. – 2 points for Laura

Timo (jury): Laura’s photos are nice but also a little bit disapointing for me: Although the transitions are very well done, I have seen double exposures like this too many times before. I also cannot find the cleverness and the depth of Laura’s awesome first round pictures in this series again. Aliza’s photos are a nice experiment but in my opinion it lacks a little bit in a clear focus: different landscapes, the smoke, the swans, the double exposure – all together it’s a little bit too much. Just by the way: Aliza’s pictures remind me somehow of “Twilight”, and I have no idea why, because I’ve never seen the movies : ) – 1 point for Laura, 1 point for Aliza

–> Second round: Aliza 3:3 Laura
–> First round: Aliza 0:6 Laura
–> Overall standing: Aliza 3:9 Laura

Congratulations to Laura.


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