Lisa vs. Bryce / Second Round / Formidable

Bryce Shaw chose FORMIDABLE as the topic for the first round of the battle with Lisa. Who is your favorite? Vote below the pictures. And see their first round here.

Bryce’s photos:




Lisa’s photos:




Poll: Bryce wins. – 2 points for Bryce

Katja (jury): Bryce’s photos are really FORMIDABLE, the landscape is amazing and the photos are great. Lisa’s idea I like very much, but the light conditions are not right at some points, which is a pity, because these photos were definitely a lot of work. – 1 point for Bryce, 1 point for Lisa

Timo (Jury): I like Lisa’s idea to turn the whole thing around and show small people in a big world. Her first photo is really awesome. Unfortunately picture two and especially three do not convince me in the same way. Bryce idea is not super creative, but the photos work well with the topic. It is a close decision. – 1 point for Bryce, 1 point for Lisa

–> Second round: Bryce 4:2 Lisa
–> First round: Bryce 4:2 Lisa
–> Overall standing: Bryce 8:4 Lisa

Congratulations to Bryce.


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