Alexander vs. Thilo / Second Round / Boredom

Alexander Rentsch chose BOREDOM as the topic for the second round of the battle with Thilo Seidel. Who is your favorite? Vote below the pictures. And see their first round here.

Thilo: “Deutsches Stillleben”

1:55 pm

1:56 pm

1:57 pm

Alexander’s photos:




Poll: Thilo wins. – 2 points for Thilo

Katja (jury): Thilo’s series is very funny. I’ve actually started to look for errors, but of course there are none. It is a good work for the topic boredom. The image itself is not that good, but the idea surprised me and made me laugh. Alexander’s photos are serious and everybody knows this boredom in the subway. The second image I like very much. – 1 point for Thilo, 1 point for Alexander

Timo (Jury): So difficult to compare. I love Thilo’s humor and courage in this series. But I also like Alexander’s quite black-and-white pictures. – 1 point for Thilo, 1 point for Alexander

–> Second round: Alexander 2:4 Thilo
–> First round: Alexander 0:6 Thilo
–> Overall standing: Joy 2:10 Jan

Congratulations to Thilo.


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