Lisa vs. Bryce / First Round / Melancholia

Lisa chose MELANCHOLIA as the topic for the first round of the battle with Bryce Shaw. Who is your favorite? Vote below the pictures.

Lisa’s photos:




Bryce’s photos:




Poll: Lisa wins. – 2 points for Lisa

Katja (jury): Two very different series. Normally I tend toward portraits, but in Lisa’s series the editing has in opinion removed much of the emotions. Bryce’s photos however express the feeling wonderfully. And I love the old tree. – 2 points for Bryce

Timo (jury): Both series do not really convince me. What I like is that Lisa’s series tells a little story. But in my opinion her photos look posed too much. And generally I don’t like it when people brand their pictures that obvious with their name or logo. What bothers me about Bryce’s photos is that the second one differs in contrast quite a lot. Thereby the series looks less homogeneous. Nevertheless I like the loneliness in his pictures. – 2 points for Bryce

–> First round: Lisa 2:4 Bryce

2 thoughts on “Lisa vs. Bryce / First Round / Melancholia

  1. Reblogged this on Lisa Emilia Photography and commented:
    Dear followers:)
    My series “Melancholia” is part of a photo battle. It would be great if you could vote for the series you like the most 🙂 Bryans landscape photographies are great, too 🙂


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