Melf vs. Vanessa / First Round / Enlightenment

Melf Mayer chose ENLIGHTENMENT as the topic for the first round of the battle with Vanessa Pastore. Who is your favorite? Vote below the pictures.

Vanessa: “I chose to show what enlightenment could represent for different kinds of people, depending on what’s relevant to their lives. So I had the scholar, the glamor queen, and the the gamer.”




Melf’s pictures:




Poll: Vanessa wins. – 2 points for Vanessa

Katja (jury): Very difficult to compare. Vanessa’s idea is great, but the implementation does not convince me. The quality of Melf’s images is great, but the idea is too simple.
1 point for Vanessa, 1 point for Melf

Timo (Jury): Melf’s photos are nice but I’m missing a concept in his series. Vanessa’s idea I like a lot, it’s really creative. – 2 points for Vanessa

–> First round: Vanessa 5:1 Melf


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