Joy vs. Jan / Second Round / Shelter

Jan Plähn chose SHELTER as the topic for the second round of the battle with Joy Dana Görig. Who is your favorite? Vote below the pictures. And see their first round here.

Jan’s photos:




Joy’s Photos:




Poll: Jan wins. – 2 points for Jan

Katja (jury): In my opinion Joy’s second and third picture are too similar. I also think the photos don’t need a naked upper part of the body. But I like the first picture very much. Jan’s series is consistent. I like the quiet and the colors. Especially the first two photos are good. In my mind furniture arise around him. – 2 points for Jan

Timo (Jury): Jan’s pictures remind me of a story in a picture book – I like that a lot. It just bothers me a little bit that you cannot see the whole body in the last picture, that the feet are missing. Joy’s photos are not perfectly the style I like but I admire her idea to show shelter in an introversive way. – 1 point for Jan, 1 point for Joy

–> Second round: Joy 1:5 Jan
–> First round: Joy 1:5 Jan
–> Overall standing: Joy 2:10 Jan

Congratulations to Jan.

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