Alexander vs. Thilo / First Round / Deep Space

Thilo Seidel chose DEEP SPACE as the topic for the first round of the battle with Alexander Rentsch. Who is your favorite? Vote below the pictures.

Alexanders’s photos:




Thilo’s photos:




Poll: Thilo wins. – 2 points for Thilo

Katja (jury): Thilo’s images are just unbeatable. They could be film stills from a new space movie. Alexander’s photos are not bad and as a larger series the idea has certainly potential.
– 2 points for Thilo

Timo (Jury): I really like Alexander’s pictures. But Thilo’s are even better. The combination of spatial depth and the space elements is just great. And I especially like the idea to turn the last picture upside down – small trick, big effect. – 2 points for Thilo

–> First round: Alexander 0:6 Thilo

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